One of the specialities of “Juli Sense “is “Aroma Testing “ is a unique opportunity to touch the world of 100% natural fragrances, to know about the power of influence of smells on us, to harmonise our psycho-emotional state with the help of Aroma Testing  and your individual resource aroma, and to receive a bliss of sensations))


 “Aroma Testing “ - is a harmonising and very pleasant ritual that also corrects the state of the psycho-emotional background. On the basis of preferences and denials of smells and analysis of the results of the Testing, you will learn about your emotional state. Each person  has it’s own, unique result of Aroma Testing and personal aroma key - personalised secret and correction of emotional state of health and beauty .

According to the results of the test and your preferences, you get a description of the testing and advice about using essential oils from your individual aroma key. In the process of Aroma testing, only the NATURAL INGREDIENTS of HIGHEST QUALITY are used.

If you are interested you have to send me an email.