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Our exclusive Hydrosol Blends are specifically formulated to synergize the effects of multiple hydrosols in one product


-Hydrosol Mist  is  pure natural product of steam distillation

- Wild rose Aloe vera

-All skin types 



-Helps calm problematic skin

-Improve skin turgor


-Uplifts and enhances mood

-Helps to balance the PH of  skin

-No added synthetic ingredients! 


Apply Hydrosol mist after cleansing skin.



Our organic hydrosols are 100% pure botanical extracts.
Hydrosols are the condensate water coproduced during the steam- or hydro-distillation of plant material for aroma-therapeutic purposes.
Hydrosols do not come just from flowers.Roots, bark, branches, wood, needles and leaves, even fruit and seeds can produce hydrosols.


Here we have the water-soluble components, the essential-oil molecules, plant acids ,the very fluid that was flowing through the plant cells when the plant was collected. It’s all there in a matrix of water that is so much more than water

Not surprisingly, hydrosols and essential oils have similar therapeutic properties. However, hydrosols are much less concentrated. Their scents are much softer and subtler when compared to those of their essential oil counterparts. Due to their high water content, they're also very gentle and can be applied directly to the skin without any sort of dilution.

Hydrosol Benefits :
Hydrosols are water-based, making them highly biocompatible, easy to absorb, gentle, and effective. As a skin tonic, their natural acidity restores the optimal pH balance of the skin. The anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties keep skin clear, calm redness, and reduce irritation.
Inhaling the aromatherapeutic compounds support and balance our nervous systems which leads to an increased capacity to harmonize the psyche and the body. 

All essential-oil production has hydrosols as a co-product, but the highest quality hydrosol comes from a distillation where it is the hydrosol that is being produced rather than the essential oil.
Our hydrosols are specifically distilled for the hydrosol, not produced as a co-product.These superior quality hydrosols are more concentrated then commercially available hydrosols .Our organic hydrosols are 100% pure botanical extracts and free from preservatives, alcohol and emulsifiers.

We creat  our  own, unique, authentic , and beautiful blends of different hydrosols  to achieve greater synergism between the individual hydrosols .

For all our hydrosols we use unique biophotonic Miron violetglass packaging for puur natural products.Keep in a cool, dark place, and always out of direct sunlight, using within 1 year

Store your Hydrosol in the refrigerator for extra-cooling skin relief.

Hydrosol  Uses :

Facial  Fragrance   Spray: Close the eyes and lightly mist your face to leave it hydrated and lightly fragranced.Spray two or three times a day, every day. Store hydrosol in the refrigerator for extra-cooling skin relief.

Facial Cleanser: Moisten with a cotton pad and swipe across the skin of the face to cleanse.

Facial Mask 1: Mix the hydrosol with clay or natural carrier oil  and apply to cleansed skin. Rinse after 10-15 minutes.

Facial Mask 2 : Soak a compression cotton Facial  Mask with the hydrosol and compress the face area and leave on skin for 10 to 15 minutes.

This helps promote more  healing and moisturising of the  skin.  Especially great  for dry skin .

Treat Under-eye Skin : Excellent for computer strained eyes, puffiness ,redness, and crow’s feet. Soothes and gives new sparkle to eyes. Soak two round of half round cotton pads with the hydrosol and leave on skin for 10 to 15 minutes.

Men's Aftershave: Hydrosols can be adapted for use as a men's aftershave.

Hair Care : Spray onto cleansed hair and gently massage the hair and scalp. Do not rinse.

For Baby Care :  Apply directly to baby's skin especially when it comes to managing skin conditions. You can use hydrosol  in the bath .Simply add one to two teaspoons of hydrolat to the bathwater for a baby or one teaspoon per year of age, up to eight teaspoons total, for children ages two through twelve.

Aroma Massage: Spray the hydrosol on your skin and then some of natural carrier oil before starting the massage.

Calming Spray / Meditation:  Mist your  face/hair/body  using hydrosols that are reported to help reduce stress and anxiety. Hydrosols can be used to help enhance meditation.

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